Custom Hookahs is your source for all your hookah tobacco and hookah needs. We're an online hookah store that provides high quality hookah pipes and tobacco flavors.

Would you like to get a free hookah? If you're a part of a student organization that has a website and accepts donations, you can get a free hookah. All you have to do is mention on your organization website that Custom Hookahs has donated a hookah. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Would you like a discount for your organization members? If most of your members already smoke hookah, they might be very interested. Custom Hookahs is offering a 10% discount for all members of a student organization who are registered.

MYA QT Hookahs
MYA QT Hookahs are personal favorites for enthusiasts who want to set up a hookah that's good enough for a long smoking session, but perfect for a quick 30 minute smoke. They're very affordable and come with high quality hookah parts from a trusted manufacturer by the name of Mya.
Acrylic Hookahs
Acrylic and Screwable Hookahs look very cool and are practically unbreakable. They are Acrylic so they won't easily break if you drop it on the floor by mistake. They are also screwable from the base and the stem. This allows for an air tight smoke. The Acrylic Hookahs come with the base, high quality stem, tobacco bowl, matching hose, and tongs.
Hookah Charcoal
Buy Hookah Charcoal from Custom Hookahs where we have all the types of charcoal you would want to try. Browse through the different types including Japanese Charcoal Tablets, Quick Lighting Charcoal Discs, and Charcoal Fingers that most Hookah Bars use from long lasting heat. Enjoy the great prices.
Hookah Tobacco
Buy Hookah Tobacco from Custom Hookahs where we have all the types of tobacco flavors and brands you would want to try with your hookah. Browse through the different types including Romman, Al-Waha, Nakhla, Havana, and Al Fakher.
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